Pulse Tempering - the concept

The realisation of patented pulse tempering technology in injection moulding makes it possible to simplify mould designs, shorten cycle times, reduce energy costs and improve product quality. The significant temperatures, i.e. those of the mould wall, heat-exchange medium, hot runner and mould frame are precisely controlled. The software allows them to be displayed together on the user interface.

Applications in practice

Pulse Tempering is used in a wide spread of industries:


10/17/2006 - WIEDER GmbH International at the fair Fakuma 2006
 The new applications of WIEDER GmbH International are producing lively interest among the visitors of Fakuma 2006. The International Trade Fair For Plastics Processing Fakuma 2006 is taking place from 10/17 until 10/21/2006 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. You will find us at the Booth Ferromatik Milacron Gmbh, Hall B3/Booth 9203.

pdf.gif Application in practice: Production of Cover from PP with IML (In-Mold-Labeling) in a 4-fold mold from the company Schöttli

08/17/2006 - WIEDER article appears in kunststoffe international
 A new professional article has appeared in the latest issue of kunststoffe international. Werner Kotzab, managing partner of WIEDER GmbH International, describes methods of pulse tempering.

pdf.gif Pulse Tempering Methods

09/06/2006 Cooperation with CITO PRODUCTS, INC has ended
 WIEDER GmbH International has terminated the agreement with CITO PRODUCTS, INC. Hereby CITO PRODUCTS, INC has no more rights to further on use the C-HETCO method and the patents of license agreement 1 and license agreement 2.

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